Do you have a backup plan?

FinalMessage allows you to automate a message to a loved one, trusted friend, or business partner that is only sent if you stop responding.

The primary use-case is using it to send 1 of 3 bitcoin multisig keys to your recipient in the event of death, memory loss, or kidnapping but any message can be sent, its functionality is only limited by your creativity.

How it Works

  1. Create A Switch

    Any message you want. Any recipient you want.

  2. Trigger With Bitcoin Payments

    A bitcoin payment of $50 extends your switch for a year. A smaller payment extends your switch proportionally based on the same rate. We accept both on-chain and lightning network payments.

  3. If something bad happens we email your recipient(s)

    If you don’t renew your switch we will assume the worst and send your message. We will send you reminder emails (if set) as your switch nears expiration.

  4. They Decrypt With Password

    When you create your switch, give your recipients the password you chose and instruct them to store it securely. They will need it to decrypt your message. We cannot reset your password if it is lost.

But Why Though?

Are you prepared for worst case scenarios? What if you get hit by a car tomorrow? What if you fall and hit your head? What if you suffer a stroke? We’re not going to list all the ways you can die or lose your memory, you get the point.

With FinalMessage you can be prepared for whatever life throws your way.


We don’t track you, the only info we keep are the email addresses you give us


All messages are secured locally using the AES256 encryption standard, we can’t access them by design


By charging a small fee we are able to give you uptime you can count on

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